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Mar 3, 2011
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hey all,
i recently sent away for some seeds from dr chronic. (5 auto flower fems to be exact). I sent my money order out on June 1st and emailed him wednesday asking if he received it and he said no he'd be expecting it soon. I then emailed him again saturday to see if he got it(because usually dont they send you an email saying they sent out your order?). I dunno im not really thinkin the guy stiffed me cause i've ordered from him before just kinda odd he didnt answer my last email and its taking this long. The other two times i ordered from him it came within 10 days of me sending my money order. Anyone have any similar problems with him lately or from receiving stuff from the U.K.(i'm from the U.S.)?
i get stuff from the UK all the time without issue. but i have had problems with Dr Chronic in the past and stopped using them.

although it can go faster, it often seems to take 2 weeks door-to-door.

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