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Its amazing what you find when you do an advanced search for 0 replies. Thanks B. Grunt. One hot chick with a set of lungs. I know I couldn't hit the bong like that.
i would like to see her hold it in. no way. cough, cough, cough.
nice, but my dream girl will be naked
rasta said:
nice, but my dream girl will be naked
that would be nice wouldn't it. a naked chick doing bong hits.
The video was poor quality, but from what i could see that stuff looked pretty compressed. I agree the dream girl would need to be less clothed and she would have like four pounds of the dankest bud covering here. Better yet, she would be sitting in a bath tub full of the best buds in the land. actually, its a dream isnt it? She would be swimming in an olympic sized swimming pool full of the best buds in the land. naked. taking big bong hits. yea, that would do it.

Edit: lol i would like to apoligize in advance for participating in such a degrading coversation =)
i dont know dude,thats not all that sexy,i like the undercover smokers

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