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Oct 9, 2005
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Well boys and girls, it just happened to me. I was given the only so-called random drug test in the history of the company I worked for. Although the test administrator nor the company will give me a copy of the actual test, I was told verbally that I failed it for MJ so I turned in my notice.
I'm feeling somewhat like a Jew in 1940s Germany. I feel I was targeted because of my drug of choice even though my use was always on my time and not during the time the company paid me for. I worked for these people over a year and a half and was never late or missed a day. I suppose I'm now a casualty of the drug war!
sorry bro. that is the meaning of (shit happens) word of advice when you go put in another app. somewhere else tell them you owned your own buisness of whatever for past 1 year and a half .
It's wrong puff', simply wrong!. For a private firm to dictate your choice of lifestyle in order to retain a job.
What pisses me off most about it all?..You could most likely come into that same job, every morning, hungover so bad that you couldn't function, and you would be an excepted member of society. But shame. shame on you. You showed up with mj on your breath.
I agree with you 100% hick.
I worked at a 3-story office building a few years ago during it's construction.
Due to union reg's, there had to be an elevator operator on the elevator even though all elevator's have been push-button for over 40 years.
The elevator "operator" had a chair in the corner by the buttons, and most of the time he was passed out drunk in it.
Every day.
Yet, if you liked to smoke pot on the weekends, or need it as medicine, you were not qualified to be a part-time janitor at that building.

I bet you'd see support for drug testing vanish if they could refuse to hire/terminate you if you'd had used the deadly addictive drug alcohol in the last 2 or 3 weeks.
Your analogy is a bit harsh dude
??..what analogy is that?..."the deadly addictive drug alcohol"..that one?

That is a very accurate representation of liquor. It is "highly" addictive, and kills peple everyday
Alcohol addiction and abuse is the nation’s number one substance abuse problem.

It can be difficult to define in some people because the line between social use and addictive use. People often do not know when they have developed an alcohol addiction - when casual drinking turns to dependency. Individuals who have developed an alcohol addiction rely on alcohol as an attempt to function in everyday society and feel they cannot face life without drinking.

The most recent National Survey on Drug Use and Health revealed that over 16 million people were heavy drinkers, which is defined as binge drinking at least five days in the past month. These statistics were similar to the national estimates for the two previous surveys as well, showing little change in our nation’s alcohol consumption.

Overall, 15.2 million people classified as needing treatment for alcohol addiction or alcohol abuse, with an additional 3.4 million people who had an alcohol addiction along with an addiction or dependence on other drugs.

The survey also showed that the age range that participated in the most illicit drug use (18-25) also had the highest rates of alcohol addiction and abuse. In this group just over 41 percent were binge drinkers and 12 percent were heavy drinkers or alcoholics.

Alcohol continues to be the most used drug in the United States also causing many tragedies amongst our youth.

[font=times new roman,times,serif]It seems to be a far too common consensus by Americans that alcohol isn't as bad as other drugs. The fact that alcohol is legal helps mould this attitude surely, but add to alcohol's legitimacy the billions of dollars spent annually on seductive advertisements that glamorize drinking and it's no wonder that over 1/2 of America's adult population consumes alcoholic beverages on a regular basis[/font]
I've never once read or heard about a husband smoking a really fat joint and then beating his wife and kids, but how often do you hear about alcohol related family abuse? Way too much.
No, I meant the thing about the Jew in the 40's bro. I don't know that any one broke into your house, raped your daughter and then gave your wife a flame thrower shower. That is a harsh analogy.
:eek: :D :D :D man, was I off base! sorry phuk :cool:
On the bright side Hick you just did half of my younger brothers homework for his debate class!!!:D (it's on legalization of MJ)

He wants to know if you take cash or check.:D
:) frosty...the info came from "stopaddiction.com" if he needs more ammo' ;)
another great place to look, would be on site of the organization that just got the "legalization" passed in Denver. They are now gearing up a statewide campaign, to get the same initiative on the ballot as a state law. Their campaign is based on the fact that alcohol is more dangerous, and more addictive than mj.
alcohol IS more dangerous than marijuana

Lil Eric
the list goes on man, I'm %100 sure that everyone has lost somebody from an alcohol related accident

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