duno how much fert to mix wiv water ?

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bud boy

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Jan 13, 2006
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i bought some miricle grow, it says to mix 1 spoon with 4 litres of water.but i dont need to mix so much, how much do u think i need to mix with a cup of water? or somthing smaller than 4 litres of water.

any help is helpful :)
When you first start feeding ur plant the fertilizer start with a very small amount mixed with water and build up on the amount u use each time if the plant is reactiong well to it.
even though you're "not supposed to" use miracle grow, i do. i just took a gallon milk jug and put the appropriate mix of water/fert. in it. of course, i didn't use it all at once, so i had some saved for next time i had to fert.

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