Ekoostik Hookah is back!! who is still here?

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Nov 12, 2007
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Hello all, I am ekoostik hookah and i was a member here a long time ago.
Well i have decided to pull out the lights and get some girls going again!!

Just wanted to let yall know im back for another season and would like to know which of my buddies are still here.

Hick I know your still here...so Hey buddy.
:welcome: back! Ive been around since December, we had a crash after I joined so I had to start over again we lost some people but all the important people are still here!
Nice to hear from you nova.
Btw if anyone can find the pictures from any of my grows on here pleasee post them or send them to me.
I really want to see them again
Yo Ho Ho N,

Yo Ho Hooka, welcome back !

Most of us OL'Timers are still here, and busy welcoming in the new folks that have found us. Good to hear a friendly voice, and I'm sure you have been missed by many.

Nice to have you back.

smoke in peace
:welcome: back :D Do you really live in Amsterdam? Sorry if it seems like a dumb question, I just know there are some threads needing the help of people that live there. Thanks
hello there, welcom back. been awhile here to. bye.
Welcome back ekoostik
Its uk420man aka dastardly and again time4plan-b

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