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Oct 4, 2005
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i have a 1000w hps light and ballast that runs at 120v. I was wondering if i can plug in my fans, timers, etc. into the same plug as the lights. The outlet that the light is going into is a standard 120v household outlet. Would putting all the extra stuff on be too much for the outlet?

Would plugging the other stuff into a surge protector keep it from meltdown?

if not is there a higher voltage outlet i can put in.

i only have the one outlet that is close to my closet, where i will be growing, so my options are limited.:confused: :confused:
That light will pull around 10 amps. Fans, timers and pumps dont pull all that much current. Check the rating of the breaker going to your closet. A 20 amp breaker should be just fine. I wouldnt run any heaters off the same line tho. Also would be a good idea to use #10 wire to handle the load.
Thanks WD! Now I can finally start my grow without worrying about my apartment setting on fire.:D
you should always plug a light in a surge protecter...
surge protectors protect your equipment from big current peaks. As you know, 120v is alernating. It can go as high as 160v from time to time, so a surge just keeps it from damaging anything. Wouldn't worry too much. Your light will be pulling about 8.33 amps. if you put too much on the circuit your breaker will trip and you will know quickly if you need to use another source for some of the stuff.

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