Emergency! Strange reaction to smoking

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Aug 8, 2005
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I have been smoking daily for probably two years. never have i had an experience like i did a few days ago. i had been smoking all day just like it was any other day but when i hit one particular bowl i immediately began to freak out. i felt as though i could not breath and like i was constantly on the brink of blacking out. i also had a terrible body high like ive never had. i began to tingle as well. i thought i was having a heart attack but i felt no pain. after hours of this i finally made it home from my friends and fell asleep. the next morning, curious about what had happened the night before, i decided to smoke a bowl and see what happened. well, i freaked out again. exactly the same as before. and this was from a different sack than the night before so its not the weed. now, every time i smoke i feel like i cant take deep enough breaths and i have a terrible body high. what happened to me?! ive never had asthma and this has never happened before. i know people who have been smoking for longer than i have and they are ok. please, someone, help me if you know what my problem is or how to fix it. also, has anyone else ever had this happen?
don't smoke too much, give one or two hits wait and see if you feel the same way. also where you guys get high is the air hot?
i live in south orange county and right now it is hot and humid. the thing that weirds me out the most is that ever since that first happened a few days ago, i havent felt the same since. i havent been smoking since it hapened and i still feel like im having a little trouble breathing.
Whoa! ... maybe its just ur time to quit .....

Bongs can be pretty harsh depending on how its made... try rollin a joint or start using a vapourizer.
In 50% of such crisis cases, a quick glass of anything with vitamin C in it will sort you out almost immediately: orange juice in your case! Squeeze a lemon out and mix with water and sugar to get it down otherwise.

I Occasionally Have The Same Issue. My Symptoms Are Rapid Breathing, Light Headed, And Excellerated Heart Rate, Scary. I Can Usually Feel It Coming On And It Is Sometimes Triggered By Smoking A Cig Following Getting High. I Have Found That The Only Thing I Can Do Is Lay Down, Calm My Body And Mind Down,meditation, And Usually Within 30 Min I Am Ok.
Ive had that happen a few times to me the worse was when one day I stoped by a friend's house, I left my coat on cause I wasnt staying long and one of my friends started rolling up. It was so hot and humid in the house it hit me after the second pull. My knees got wobbly, I was sweating and I felt like I was going to pass out and it was just some Blueberry. I immediately threw some water on my face and drank some juice. About 5 minutes later I started feeling better. So it might have been the heat and hummidity. So just be careful and when its hot like that keep something to drink on hand when you smoke.
Yea i guess ive had that happen to me a couple times but its hard to tell around here if its laced or if its you.

Ive been wondering if its possible to have a bad high like you can have a bad trip on pills and shit which is usually caused by stress and shit.

My 2 cents.
...we're all forgetting for a moment that every medicine taken at the wrong time and in the wrong dose will become a poison. We have all been queasy on weed one time or another, and we have probably seen other people getting queasy when we're just fine. my conclusion from that is that cannabis is physically an anti-addictive "medicine";) which tells you quite blatantly when you've had enough for a while, or just for the evening. Apart from that, marijuana is miraculous in her qualities, and it would be a bit strange if she didn't have her price somewhere down the line. A lot of excellent medicines have undesirable side-effects.

Vitamin C is the key, believe me: a doctor friend of mine explained it to me one time but I've forgotten why it's the key, but it is. Also very useful in other bad experiences.

Same shit happened to me two days ago. I smoked 6-8 blunts all day from about 11am to 10 pm that night. I usually only smoke 2 blunts (when i smoke) maybe 3. Anyway, my heart rate was really fast, I felt floaty, and my sense of touch was intensified. Also had this strange sensation in my heart (thought i was gonna have a heart attack and die). I went to sleep breathing harder than normal. I havent smoked since and still have this weird feling in my chest. I hadnt eaten or drunk much of anything all day, which was prolly a contributing factor to my episode. My friends all laughed at me the next day,I was mad too cuz right after i fell asleep they burned some Gold Hawian mixed with purp...damn!
That happened to me once. I was smoking with some friends outside when everything started going dark and eventually totaly black, I couldn't see a thing. Then my legs started shaking and I fell to the ground. My friends had to pick me up and drag me to a bench, they had said I blacked out for like a minute.
It's not that unheard of. This guy I know who use to smoke back in the 60's would take bong hits and stand up really fast, then he'd fall to ground and shake for like 5 minutes.
Yeah this kinda thing has happened to me. I even blacked out once, I was at some friends and we were smoking a bowl of mine and two other bowls of a couple other guys. I don't know what caused it but afterwords I started feeling funny. So I thought I would got to the bathroom. I got up walked into the bathroom shuting the door behind me and turned around and that's the last thing I remember before I blacked out. My friends heard me fall and came to check on me and I came to long enough to crawl out and then sleep it off. Hasn't happened since but I guess it's a freak thing that can happen to you once in a while. I've also found takeing a few days break from smoking helps sometimes and you tend to get higher after a break too.
Any effects afterwards? Cuz i got a weird, sort've discomfortable feeling in my heart and general chest area.
I think it is usually the kind of weed, remember that even dank shit can be grown wrong and with harmful chemicals added by accident or out of laziness. I have had similar feelings many times and have seen a toilet bowl after smoking, orange juice will usually take the feelings away but i would recommend knowing where your bud comes from and who it travels through to get to you. Remember that there are people out there that will try to get the bud a better high and sell more by adding their own ingredients.

:D 2cents
I've heard of idiots spraying Raid (and other highly toxic shit) on their flowering plants to get rid of bugs.

At first I though the stories were just urban myths, but then I came across a guy who was using these "no-pest strips" things. Introduced in the 60's they were pulled from the market and banned for most uses since they are toxic. You are not allowed to use them where food is grown/prepared or in area's that people frequent. They are totally illegal in most countries.
I warned the guy and he said "I don't care I need them to get rid of spider mite's".
I wouldn't have had nearly as much concern if this was a personal use garden, but he also sold some of what he grew.

All the more reason to grow your own.
a little off topic but... i once knew a guy that had some really stinking weed. i mean you could smell this wicked skunk smell from across his house. IT turns out that the reason his plants smelled so skunky is because he was fingding skunk roadkill, removing their scent gland and dilutting it in water to spray on his nuggets as they were growing.

Talk about fucked up right!!:eek:
Smoked again last week and had the same reactions (not as intense b/c i wasnt as high). I had some orange juice and it didnt help at all. My heart was pounding (and I mean POUNDING) and i had that uncomfortable feeling in my chest again. I finally just decided to go to sleep. I thought about it, thought it could be an anxiety attack, paranoia (heard've some ppl that smoke dope too much and get paranoid) or maybe i just have chest problems. Then I thought if I just keep on smoking my body might develop a tolerance for it and it might just go away. Any comments or suggestions that could help me would be appreciated.

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