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Feb 15, 2006
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When your plants drink all the water out of the res. before scheduled feedings, or even just enough to make pump start acting funny, what do you do? Are you supposed to drain it all out and replace with fresh everything or just add water? thanks
Well, I am not a hydro grower as of yet.

but I'll give you what I read. Keep adding nutrient water. every two weeks (at most) replace the water completely. I would recommend every week. but if budget is a prblem then every two. IMHO.

Do not add straight water as that will excessivley dilute you nutrients. by adding to it your diluting certain nutrients that the plant is soaking up, but not that bad.
yeah i have been changing the entire res. and replacing nutes once a week, but plants have started drinking the entire res. in about 3 days. I guess i'll just add new nutes each time, but it's gonna get kinda pricey.
I would just add pre-mixed nutes if its drinkin that fast. but to add straight water would create a problem. you need to keep those nutes up PPM wise to keep the plant fed. Then replace once a week with a fresh batch then your PPM's are close.

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