Entry Thread - Bud Picture of the Month November 2023

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Mac1 leaves a lot to be desired. Painfully slow growing plant.
Not exactly, but we all have different styles and agendas. I think for production people she was a pain, because the calendar and bottom line are the boss. I found a few things she likes in veg that made her growth reasonable, but to me, she always caught up in flower anyway. I could start her and she be the shortest in the room and end up taller and yielding more than almost everything else. I think the biggest issue was, most people didn’t take her long enough. I know what was advertised, but I’d take her 11 weeks and put her up against any other hype train line at the time. If I still had her I would try 12 weeks just to see if there was a big difference.
I haven’t actually tried it yet but the buds are beautiful, dense and sticky and smell really good. They are decent size too for inside a tent which I usually have better luck with “so far…”. Looking forward to trying it. @Carty sent me the seed and I’m sure he would know more. He said that those who have tried it said it was “all that” so I’m hoping it will smoke as good as it looks and smells.
Oh ok, now it makes sense why you aren’t calling it Alien Mints, the name the cut was given over at the basement when it came out.
Sugar Punch by Carty.jpg
Oh ok, now it makes sense why you aren’t calling it Alien Mints, the name the cut was given over at the basement when it came out.
Cap Junky is it's own strain buddy... Hi OD. you here causing trouble brudda... haha. My bro made these seeds from S1 stock and fem'd the plant, sent me a few seeded buds so I could test the weed and pull my own seeds. 36 seeds I got, passed almost all of them out before he informed me they were all feminized. Otherwise I could of limited gifts to 4 seeds and shared more... gave away my last 5.

Here is what they be: ... The Cap Junky strain is a hybrid from Seed Junky that was created by crossing Alien Cookies and Kush Mints #11. It is known for its potency ..
I've got some Neville's Haze in Original breeder packaging otw back to me finally... preservation time
The one I sent you is making its way home? The one that you sent to your brother?
Purple Cherry Popper by 20/20 grown by friend Charles...just chopped.

Oh I see I must use a pic of bud grown by me...this was grown by my partner at his house...I'll find a pic of something I grew on here next...sorry.

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