Entry Thread - Bud Picture of the Month October 2023

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I got some Joey's cut c99 IBM from a man I didn't even know was sick. He also gifted me Northern lights x jc c99. Unigrower was cool and out of the blue sent them to me. He could get under some people's skin, but I never seen him get nasty with anyone.
I miss UNI, and his ALL caps in the middle of a sentence. LOL Super cool dude.
Guess this is my best bud from my screwed up grow this year. Smells amazing. Chocolope with its first haircut will snip again after drying View attachment 343434
Good evening! Are you hanging them to dry? If I could make a suggestion, save the trimming for after the drying, but before you jar it.
Cherry Creme Pie _ Muff cut

IMG_0612 (2022_01_24 00_49_24 UTC).JPG

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