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Aug 11, 2005
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does anyone know what it isand where i can purchase it . i was reading a website someone in here sent me and it says to spray Ethel on foliage and it will i believe grow alot faster or buds would be bigger . also it says to snip off ends of leaves as they form and you will get alot more resin to go with your buds at the end . any one know what ethel is and also anyone try that method and it worked for them?
hmmmmmm, Ethyl. we used to pump Ethyl down at the gas station. But I dunno what hey are referring to.
I've never heard of ethel/ethyl in any context other than gasoline, or like Lucy's friend.

As for snipping off the ends of leaves to make the plant produce more resin, I'd be willing to bet not true.
yes that is what i read been doing alot lately . my dad use to be a truck driver and hauled ethel alcohol and methonal which i think 1 is wood burning alcohol and other i think is made of corn . any how it is the website you gave me greenmanspage /guides under under growing marijuana newest addition (increasing marijuanas yield ) and i messed up a little i read so much in last few days it took me a while to even find where i saw it at . it does not say makes grow faster or bigger buds it says will produce all females and something about colchicine being a poison but if 1st generation makes it it be be a polyloid plant. "a SUPERPLANT . for newbies that are reading this . anyways it by no mistake says clipping ends of leaves will look ugly but if done soon as they appear will pretty much make the plant robust in resin which is what they are saying that makes more thc . anyone read and please correct me if i did not comprehind correctly or there opinion . i would not try it and i wouldnt exspect any newbies to try it until you get growing exsperience or have the extra plants to exsperiment with .

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