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Jan 15, 2011
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Has anyone used the ExHale Co2 bags yet? I am thinking of buying a couple to use in my litttle room and was just wondering if anyone has used them before and if they like them?
I don't quite understand the "cultivating" of the CO2 and what exactly that means and how it works? It kind of sounds like Snake Oil to me. I also do not understand how you are supposed to put this over top of your plants and not block your light?
here is a link i found about them hxxp://co2bags.com/index.html its seems like it wouldnt produce alot of co2 but hey you never know
I read about them, but it really doesn't tell you anything but it "cultivates" CO2--whatever that means. I want to know how things work.
I have a "CO2 boost" unit that works on the same principle of "cultivating". They don't work all that great under normal circumstances as they don't produce a great amount of CO2. Basically they are a miniaturized "mulch pile" in a container, with microbes that break down certain materials and release CO2. If yu have a completely isolated grow space where outside air is not circulated into it, then these would benefit yu. However, depending on the amount of plants yu have, yu may have to have a multitude of these co2 cultivators to be effective. JIMO/E
I have a cab with twin 250 hps that is only 2x3 with 8
clones SOG style i was thinking the bag would be perfect
in the cab.....

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