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Sep 19, 2009
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semi newb here.. this year im doin an outdoor grow. 1 of my 2 plants aint doin to good... she..(hopefully a she...smells like rich coffee)... is about 1 ft. tall and its up to its 9th node...im using mg soil moisture control..and fox farm grow big...fertilized only twice since been in pot using recommendations (which has been lil over a month)....ok the bottom fan leaves are curling upward and severely drying up and falling off...many little brown spots on leaves before the curling starts....and its only the bottom fan leaves. the top 3- 4 nodes r always lookin good... the weird thing is that it aint effecting the growth shoots...they are juz flourishing...green as hell..... wut is this nute burn??? if so wut kind....more info if needed thanx fellow growers
Well since MG moisture control soil sucks asss in my book I wld bet that cld be your problem....sounds like nute burn. Most MG soils hve time release ferts in them which activate every time you water.....add to this you said you fed them ff grow big....without pics it is hard to be sure.

By the way you shldnt hve rushed your first post...lol. Join date Sep 2009....first post June 2011.....:)
I'm thinking nute burn, too. You do not want soil that comes prenuted or moisture control soil. I am a waterbaby, but most soil growers make up their own soil mixture. There are Stickies with recipes for good soil mixtures.
some peeps have success with MG soils...but they dont add nutes to it..and when watering ..less is best:aok:

take care and be safe:bolt::bong:

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