fan leaves??????

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Jul 13, 2011
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Guys wats the story of fan leaves....I'm growing bagseed until I get it down--- sum fans have 5 fingers and sum have 7....wat does this mean? Also green stem/branches and reddish dark branches on sum. can sum1 tell me .thanx
Different strain and even different phenos of the same strain can have different numbers of fingers on the sun leaves. The same with coloring of leaves and stems.
:yeahthat: The differences in the number of fronds on a leaf, be it a fan leaf, sugar leaf, or early veg leaves, means very little. As yu grow yu will see a lot of variances in leaves even on the same plant, this is not unusual. If yu have a definite trend across a plant of leaves doing something unusual then that could be a symptom of an issue, and I would recommend posting a pic of it here. But if iti is not a plantwide trend I wouldn't be concerned.:)

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