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Mar 27, 2005
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Can a fan - a small 8" or 10" fan to use for ventilation...can it be laid flat, or must it be upright? Would lying it down, so it will blow upward, burn the motor out of it? Thanks. :confused:
that won't really make a difference, if it's a good one, it won't become overheated.

Great! In the better growroom, I have the vent into the ceiling, but I must lay a fan flat to direct the room air into it.
Fans suck the air from behind and blow it forward. If you put it on the back it can't suck the air. But you could put something under it so it gives it room.

Is that making sence? Becareful with heat yes!
I thought I would be able to suspend it, on its back, and let it suck the room air up into the exhaust vent. I may have to just make some kind of hood for it, so the air will be directed up & out. Hmmm....:(
get a window fan and prop that up they can also be suspended since they are flat
mine was suspended like your saying goldie it was fine no heat or anything

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