Any small oscillating fans that are not crap?

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Surfer Joe

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Oct 18, 2013
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For years, I have been trying to find a small (6-7 inch diameter) oscillating fan for my grow tent that was reliable, but the oscillation always breaks down after a time.

A steady fan on the plants can produce windburn, so I avoid non-oscillating fans. The bigger fans are more robust, but I don't have room for larger fans and I like to have two fans oscillating over the plants from opposite sides of the tent.

Can anyone please suggest a small oscillating fan that has worked well for them?

I’ll second a vote for that AC Infinity Cloudray S6 oscillating fan. I’ve owned a lot of fans, and I ended up buying four of these based on the quality of the fans. There are 10% coupon codes posted around the web too.
Thanks. Unfortunately, they don't sell those here in the UK.

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