First DWC grow checking up

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tetrahydro grower

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Jan 16, 2011
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This is my first DWC and i was just wondering if my plant was looking ok, and if i should top it now or wait, because the grow cabinent is 24x36x55 inches..i got 4 100 watt daylight cfls on her. i am wanting to fill the whole grow space up with a big bushy plant..any tips? thanks




I would top her but that is just me. I like them real plants too :)

tetra, are you gunna flower under those lights? If you are, then you may not want her too bushy.... She will stretch, and if she is wider than your lights, she will grow right around the lights. You might want to LST the lil'lady to ensure a nice even canopy.
I was planning to add four more 100 watt cfls on the otherside once she evens out some...but I herd that if you keep the lights pretty close that they won't stretch hardly any
Sweettooth is very indica so you'll want to veg it to almost the size you're going to want it to finish up at imho... I've heard the stretch is very managable and ime most pure indicas gain 'maybe' 1/3 more height and some barely get any more height at all like my Northern Lights....

While keeping your lights close will help minimize stretch the best that you can stretch is all much more strain related than anything you're doing is. I've got some strains that will grow 4 - 5x in flower so you have to flower them very small to get them to finish up at the desired height and/or use LST techniques to limit how tall it would naturally get.

Happy Growing~! :cool:
Yea thanks. my friend of a friend happened to have both male and female sweettooth plants, and rubbed pollen on a few buds, and I got a seed out of it..
This is my second grow, first DWC grow, and i started germing her feb. 7th, and im using 4 100 watt daylight cfls, and i have one computer fan blowng on her, and another one pulling air out of the cabinent. I am onyl planning to gro one plant in the closet, and im just mainly trying to grow some good bud, and just smoke on it, and see if i can actually grow hydroponic plant. I am using a sweet tooth seed, i got. I was just wondering if everything looked good, and she got some nutrient burn on like 4 leaves, so i just cut them off, and you can see where i did that, and where i topped it in the 2nd pic.




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