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what's better bongs or pipes??

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Feb 18, 2006
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my plants jus got outa the slow down stage there growing more leaves now quicker i have a 100-watt halogen light i leave on for bout 12 hours a day then turn it off when i go to bed then i got a floursent i leave on 24/24 there doin fine
Halogen lamps do NOT emitt the proper spectrum for mj cultivation. Metal Halide, High Pressure Sodium or flourescents for proper spectrums.
Floros are cheapest to buy usually. hps is best all around and will be cheaper/ is best for veg...i personally think that hps is best all around...but then again, I dont know what im talking about either. hope that makes sense, i just got home from the bar!
HID (HPS or MH) is cheaper to run for the amount of light you get. Florous are less $$ upfront cost, but cost more to run for the amount of light. (I think it was skunk or GanjaGuru that said perfectly in another post). "Lumens per watt HID is less expensive".

Other considerations is heat.

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