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Aug 3, 2011
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yea so far this my first grow i got my seeds from a bank in vancouver came in a hemp package i got 5 gws 5 blueberry 5 super skunk all feminized im growing 1 of each kind so far i got 2 400w metal halide lights industrial fan to exhuast heat and smell into the attic and a fan to blow on the light and plants currently growing in a closet that i put together myself with slits to hold the light got it on a self wattering timer so all i have to do is add nutes when needed any ways here are some pics only on week 2

Picture 001.jpg

Picture 003.jpg

Picture 004.jpg

Picture 005.jpg

Picture 006.jpg
1st. pic is a pic of my setup
2nd. super skunk
3rd. left.) blueberry, right.) great white shark berry great white shark
5th. super skunk
Green mojo the way this is the indoor section. Might want to hve a mod move this to the grow journal section. No biggie though.

Plants look healthy...keep it up.
thank you lewis ok will ask a mod too help move this for me lol
plants are thriving as of right now i had a super lemon haze but my kitty attacked it so couldnt leave plants on the floor any more or leave my room door open lol . but yeah i read all your journals and alot of known peoples journals around here before i started my own so this should go great
My cats love to chew on my plants in veg.....don't want nothing to do with them once they start packing on the bud and stinking though...:)

Thanks for checking out my past journals...appreciated.
i was just gonna say that about cats. I have three and would'nt dare leave my plants around them alone. I had a large spider plant once and they chewed it to a nub, plant+cats= bad time. Glad to see your babies made it through the first stages of growth. They look much stronger now. Also congrats on the new lighting, its coming together for ya, just need a good inline fan and you'll have a good set.
I'll be watching from the grandstands.
My frinds cat would get into his veg room and use the pots for a potty :eek: ...not cool...thats a bad kitty, bad kitty !
lol thats a very bad kitty and ty solanero just got done looking at ur grow journal thing its coming along nicely yeah i was upset wen they started to die so i busted my *** to make em healthy and green again its coming along great and i actually have 6 400 watts but i only got 3 plants sp i see no need to use all 6 yet

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