First time, not to sure what im doin

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Feb 13, 2006
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hey, i picked two seeds out of a thirty a bought and i decided just to try and grow somthin with em. im just kinda expiramenting to see how to do this.

ok so, i am growning in my room, it is aroun 70 - 76 degrees in there during the day and around 65 - 69 at night. i've got two 40 watt florecent ( not sure how to spell that ) lights.

ok, so far i put both seeds in distilled water on saturday, ( it is now monday ) one cracked yesterday so i put it in a small pot full of miracle grow. about half an inch down. and i put it into a dark spot with alittle bit of water. the other seed cracked today so i just put that one in another pot just like the other but i put this one under the light about a foot under it. oh and also i am using distilled water while watering them.

so am i doing anything wrong? if so then what could i do to get them to sprout?

how long should it be until they sprout?

ok thanx for reeding and remember this is my very first time tryin this and i've never known anyone who has grown before so any suggestions would help..

Miracle grow potting soil?

That is pre-fertilized and pretty bad too. It can (not always) fry a seedling. I always put my seedlings in some rockwool, Jiffy Peat pellets(97 cents @ wal-mart for 12) or soil for starting them. Nothing with fertilizer. not until it gets it 2nd or 3rd leaf set.

Check out the grow-guide in my signiture too.
ok thanx man... do you think if i go get some of those jiffy peats tomorow i can still get them to sprout? or is it to late
Once they hatch, try to take them out of the M.G. soil and get some good peat moss mix potting soil, with no nutrients. i normally use rockwool for clones.
Not sure quite yet tallslim, just caught a buzz. :D

Drip, may want to grab some more florous. when they get into veg. you'll need some more light. IMHO
ok so, i didnt get time after work today to get any soil.. i'll still try tomorow though if its not too late..

i just checked the plants and the one that was in the dark sprouted today. so i put it about 10 inches under the light and gave it alittle water.

the one that i put under the light right away hasnt sprouted yet but it didnt crack until yesterday so im not surprised.

so does it sound like im doing everything right so far other than the soil?

also i will get another light tomorow. do you think another 80 watt will do it? or should i just get one big one?
well,, unfortunatly the seed that sprouted was eaten by my sisters cat... no joke, so i went to menards and got a lock and put it on my door so that solves that, i also got 12 of those jiffy pots.

so then i just put the one that was in the dark into soil the other day and them top is opening up and i'm starting to see green in it.. i'm guessing thats good, i got another seed and put it in cotton with distilled water this time and it germinated in about 9 1/2 hours! ... way faster then the others... so i put that one too into soil and it has already cought up to the other one... ( turning green )

ok so... should i put them both under the light now? or should i wait a while? and how often should i water them and how much should i give them when i do? how close should i put my light when i do put them under it??
First off, you need to build a growspace for your plants.
Something like a closet or wardrobe.
There are many reasons for this, the most important being--to get buds you need to have the plants in COMPLETE DARKNESS for 12 hours every 24, same time everyday, for 2 months.

-Keep flo's 2" above the plant tops.

You would also benefit greatly by reading a grow guide. Here's a good resource:

Can people grow pot in the corner of their room with junk they have laying around the house?
Yeah, and they'll end up with a small amt. of crappy pot.

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