First timer!! TIPS :)

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Jul 15, 2011
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Hey guys first time grower here this season. I would like as many tips/ good ideas as possible simply for knowledge and preperation for next season. I currently my mothers tomato soil and im also using 1 gallon of water containing a 1tsp of lemon juice (ive read up on how its supposed to change tap water pH from 6.6-6.9 to 6.2-6.5). Like i said this is my first time so im going to give some pictures of how there doing and any tips/help would be apperciated. My plants get at least 10 hrs of sunlight a day. So here they are.

Date started growing 6-22-11 (i know its late.)

Pic #1 7-7-11
Pic #2 7-11-11
Pic # 3 7-15-11



NewGr0werD0peFl0'er said:
Thank you, i would like to know though... you think there looking alright?

They look pretty healthy to me...
Yep,,but I would get them into what ever they are going to grow in.
They look like you need to start ferts. Are you talking 10hrs total light or 10 of direct sunlight?
Im saying 10 hrs Direct sunlight... and i was going to ask i live in the northeast so its 7/15/2011. I am hoping for buds by at least late september but who knows ;)!... oh another thing have you guys heard of a thing called "Neem oil" i was told to put it on outdoor plants before spidermites eat the **** out of them hahaha does it work though
NewGr0werD0peFl0'er said:
Hey guys first time grower here this season. I would like as many tips/ good ideas as possible.....

Tell no one :bolt::bong:
Never had a problem outdoors with mites. Most outdoor conditions do not help the mites.
NewGr0werD0peFl0'er said:
and to OzzyDioDude, what do you mean to start ferts?

Start feeding them nutes/fertilizers, when watering
Oh thats good to know, any creatures/bugs i have to worry about... and good solutions!?!

Do you have any favorite "nutes"???
I use GH3 part in my DWC indoors and I am organic outdoors and just use teas.
So is there a specific brand of Fertilizer i should get, and what do i do.... everytime i water i sprinkle this stuff on the soil or something?
GH3(General Hydroponics) part is a specific fertilizer.
Many members use Fox Farm also, there are many different kinds.
Okay, thank you for the advice very much.... but just one more question ;)! So do i just mix the soil now with this fertilzer all at once, or like i said do i just sprinkle it in with the soil!?
I would mix it with the water.

Use a liquid or a water soluble fertilizer
I use fox farm soil. It is loaded with nutes so I don't feed for a while, till they ask for it. I use roots organic nutes.
You need to read read read. Good luck! And green mojo!

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