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May 25, 2005
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I live a 10-minute walk from one of the premier trout fishing rivers in the Pacific Northwest--The Trinity River.
Last December a few weeks before x-mas, I got a hankering to go fishin'.
A neighbor is an avid fisherman and he supplies me with all the fresh-caught trout & salmon I want, and I hadn't been fishing all year.
So I hadn't bought a license for '04. I called the only store within 20 miles and they were all out of 3 and 5 day license's; all they had left were a few yearly ones (which expires 12/31).
Well, I didn't want to pay for an entire year to fish once. Where I fish is pretty remote so I decieded to fish anyway.
So I put my pocket fisherman in my backpack, grab a bucket (I like to keep the fish alive until just before I cook them) and head off for the river.

I had pretty good luck and within 2 hours I had 3 plump 14" 'bows swimming around in the bucket.
I figure that's enough, so I put my pocket fisherman back in my pack, grab the bucket to go home, when a Fish And Game guy drives up in a truck.

He sees me and walks up.
"I don't see a fishing license" he says.
"I don't have one" I say.
"Do you know what the fine is for fishing without a license?"
I had to think fast.
"Oh, I wasn't fishing."
He looks down into the bucket at the 3 trout then back at me.
"Those are my pet fish" I said.
"Say what?"
"Yeah I keep them at home in a tank, and every once in awhile I feel they're homesick so I bring 'em down here, let 'em swim around in the river while I smoke a cigarette, then I whistle and they jump back into the bucket and I take 'em home."
"Yeah right."
"Look, I'll prove it" I say. I empty the fish into the river and sit down on a rock and light a cig.
When I finish the cig I get up and start to leave.
"Hey when are you gonna call them back?" he says.
"Call who back?" I say.
"The FISH" he says.
I say "WHAT fish?" and leave.
LOL..0 ganja'..crazy like a fox.
I gotta' fishin/Game warden story..

Several years ago, in a rather remote area of the state, a "new" Warden was assigned. An old man, that was prolly the best fisherman I've ever known, also happen to reside here.
Every Friday, weather permitting, O Jack would toss his angling gear in his li'l 12 ft., flat bottom rowboat. Fire up the smokin' little 3 h.p. motor and disapear off into the morning mist. Only to return in a couple of hours, limited out, everytime, with an assortment of species. Trout, bas, perch.
Well "newbie" Game Warden observes the success o Jack consistantly experiences and decides he is gonna find out just how/what and why. So next Friday morning warden is setting at the dock waiting when Jack arrives with his gear.
"Hope you don't mind if I join you today." he tells Jack.
"Suit youself" Jack tells him. Then resorts back to his predominatly silent demeanor.
Warden grabs his rod 'n tackle and boards.
Jack fires up and heads out with his new fishing companion. About 30 minutes out Jack swings the boat back into a secluded little bay where a feeder stream lets into the lake and drops anchor.
Warden assumes it's fishing time and starts rigging up. Jack opens his larger than average tackle box, lifts the top shelf out and there lies 4 half sticks of dynamite, fused and ready. Jack picks one up lights the fuse off his cigar stub, and hurls it off into the lake....BOOOOOM
Theres where Warden freaked!!!
"Hey!..what are you doing?"..." That's against the law."..."You can't do that"
O Jack, he just lit another half stick, handed it to the warden and asked.."You gonna' fish or you just gonna' bullshit?"
LOL now that is efficient fishing!

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