Flowering @ 35 days

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Sep 19, 2005
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Hey guys these pics were taken at 35 days into flowering, at this point Im thinking another 7-14 days until full harvest. Its hard to tell in the pics but about 10% of the hairs are brown Im gonna wait until its about 50/50 to harvest.





Hey what lights are you using. They look great... I'd deffinatly wait a bit longer to harvest though.
Im using a high power 125 watt 12000 lumen Solux Side Light with a pretty good amount of red spectrum (self ballasted is a nice plus) and two dbl 40 watt flouro 48" shop light..so in total I have 285 watts and around 25000 lumens for about a 2.5ftX2.5ftX7ft grow area. I consider this minimal lighting, as I plan to upgrade to a 400 hps system soon. The 125 watt solux is a very decent light tho and it came ready to plug in for $150, but now that I think about it I wish I had just spent the extra $70 then to get a hps because now Im looking at another $185 for the hps, but oh well. Now I know, go big or go home!

along with the decent lights Im using some very good flowering nuts
Dutchmaster One 2:2:8
Jon's Yield Booster 0:50:30 (THIS STUFF IS AMAZING) Ive noticed about a %30 increase in bud size and probably an extra %50 in oil and thc production using this solution compared to using Miracle Gro last year (I will NEVER use Miracle Grow again.)

Ill keep updating you guys with pics as the plant is maturing more and more daily Im very excited about this harvest, cant wait to show you guys some more pics.
Insane where did you get your "jon's yield booster"
At a local hydroponics store called Jon's Plant Shop. Its in the Vancouver area of B.C., Canada. I dont know where else to find it, but Ill see if that store has a website you can order from, if I find something I'll post it in this thread.
ok I found the website you can find Jon's Yield Booster at. The stuff isnt cheap but on the site its advertised for "Helps fight crop disease and produces massive flower formation."


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