Flowering Nutrients

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I was reading somewhere and it said that 3-10-4, 5-20-5 (Nitrogen (N), Phosphorous (P) and Potassium (K) Calcium (Ca), sulfur (S), and magnesium (Mg))
was a good nutrient formula for flowering..im planning to grow lowryders so this is pretty much all i need. but my question is is What should i look for when i go shopping at my local flower greenhouse shop or home depot.. i dont want to order stuff online so i just want to know whats a good basic nutrient provider i can get localy for flwering
10-60-10 is what most people in this room say to use i used 10-52-10 miracle grow bloom boosterflower food it has 10 soluble potash 10nitrogen 52ammoniacal phosphate plus other micronutrients like copperiron manganese and boron you can find it at lowes or walmart. at lowes i got the 1.5 pld box for $3.97 . i used it it says guaranteed not to burn plants if following direction . ganga might have somen to say about it though he doesnt like miracle grow
I would NEVER use harsh miracle grow products.
Spend a little more and get quality flowering nutrients.

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