flowering too soon?

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Feb 12, 2006
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something seems wrong here. i've got my lights at 18/6 but my plants seem to be flowering. if anyone knows *** is going on, please let me know!

here's some pics to help ya:




and here's my jungle:


any comments would be appreciated.
i just realized how shitty the pictures turned out. there are small white hairs growing off of the plants. i thought this happened when flowering not while vegging ... am i wrong?
for one im 100percent sure you are rootbound to the T . and for 2 they all start out with what i call antenas that grow at each internode. there is no sighn of flowering in the pictures that i can see .
If anything what you are seeing is preflowers that grow at the internodes of a muture plant, which are 2 white hairs at the internodes, but as skunk said I see no sign of flowering from the pics that you have produced, but it is hard to tell with these pics. Even without the pics though it sounds like pre flowers, so the good news is that "Its a girl". I hope that this helps.
skunk said:
for one im 100percent sure you are rootbound to the T
hate to say it, but i've got no idea what that means. :confused:

and thanks, masspro. i was getting nervous that something was very wrong. now that my plants have "preflowers", when should i start the flowering cycle?
sorry to butt in but, also how long can you have a plant in veg. before it'll die or whatever it might do?
No problem Spook313, well you can flower when ever you want but keep in consideration that depending on the type of plants you are growing they will double or triple in size when you cut the lights back to 12/12. so if space is going to be an issue you may want to LST(low stress train) them and flower now. If you are not sure what I mean by this, just send me a PM and I would be happy to explain it to you.
Aslo root bound means that your roots have out grown your pots and have no more room left to grow, so you you may need to transplant before you flower your ladies, but I am a hydro grower, so a soil grower may be able to explain this a bit better.

gcr6bk- You can keep your plants in a veg state as long as you you want. As long as you keep them happy, they will not die. I keep my mother plants for a long time once I go through choosing them, and then just take clones and flower them. i am in the process of doing that now, but before I flowered my last mums, they were over a year old.

I hope that this helps both you you guys.

thanks a lot for all the info, massproducer. i'm probably going to wait another week or two until i flower then. i'm sure my plants are "root bound" too. i will be moving them as soon as i get my hand on 5 5gal buckets ... which shouldn't be too long. and space is not an issue. right now, i have my plants in my bedroom closet which isn't very big. however, i'm going to run electricity to my attic (7' tall, 12' wide, 4' deep) and that will become my "flowering room".

btw - i was trying lst on one of my plants, which for some reason, was about 5 inches taller than the rest of them. i guess i started this too late because the plant actually broke the string i was using in half. while doing so, the string managed to break off an entire branch, which sucked a lot. so i am not going to be doing that again any time soon. :(
Its all good, looks like you have everything in order, the last thing i would suggest is to get some vitamin B1, you can get this at walmart, or a hydro store or just a garden store, this will help your plants deal with the stress of being transplanted, and after you transplant wait until you see some new growth before you flower.

Keep us informed as your grow progresses, I would love to see some pics of your flowering plants, and some of your final product. Good luck with the rest of your grow.

you can have your plants in veg as long you want. untill you get your optimal height.once you switch it to 12/12 its in flower.sometimes ,they will show sign of sex in late veg.

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