Flowering White Widow Mother

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Tokin Dog
Jan 20, 2005
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I decided to flower this mom to make room for fresh cuttings and take new mom from them. I vegged this mom for 8 days under 800W HPS and its now into 1 week 5 days flowering. Flowers are starting to show. :cool:

ive taken about 20 cuts off that plant over the last couple months and when i threw it into the flowering closet, i tied the outer branches down and made it stretch open to expose all the center growth. she is drinkin about 2 gal of solution each day. very thirsty rite now.

i looked at my chart and today is at 2wk flowering. 6 more to go. got a feeling she's gonna be a big one. :)
she's a beauty my friend, will be a nice harvest from one mother ;)

No doubt about it....that's a hell of a 'shrub'. Looks like something you'd grow Tani. :D
holy shit weeddog thats perty ..only five weeks I like that setup with the compact fluors and (pvc)?
Here she is with 5 wks under her belt.
This picture was the first day of week 6.
Got this one just after the lights went out... :)

Hey Weeddog, that looks awesome man.

I see you made some kind of structure with lights, so all places of the plant receives light where it needs to. Great idea.

This is really going to be nice.

How long still you guess>?
Awsome man. She's lookin realy good. And Yeah that's a nice light setup ya got goin there. I didnt think of usin Pvc the way you have. Great job.

You must spread some Reputation around before giving it to Weeddog again.

No need to test this, I'm still smoking on her sister. :) I know it will be just as good.
just wondering how long from start to finsh is your cycle?
vegged for 8 days and flowered for 8 weeks? i have a simialar set up and just tryn to get a time frame.
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