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Apr 4, 2005
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I was thinking of flowering to see the sex of my plants, then going back to vegg, would this stress my plant? Also what do you guys think of transplanting the plant while it's flowering?
Yes that would stress your plants- probably not drastically. Because rejuvination calls for cutting off all flowers and calyxes, and often also cutting braches, this stress MAY cause sexual dysfunction to occur. Not to mention the change from the 12/12 cycle to the 24/0 cycle (or 18/6 or whatever). This can also cause stress that leads to sexual dysfuntion.You may want to flush the soil or medium to ensure that the NPK ration is back to a higher N than P or K. This, along with changing the light cycle to 24/0, as oppose to 18/6 for example, will help the plant revert to vegetative gowth in as little time and with as little stress as possible. hope that helps. Also as for transplanting during flowering, that should be fine as long as you don't interrupt the 12/12 light cycle to do it. (sorry for stating the obvious)

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