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Jan 8, 2006
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I know this can be diffrent for each individual...but when do YOU begin the flowering process? When do you know it is time. You can begin flowering at almost anytime between 1 foot tall and higher. What is your goal in the space you have? It is something we all think about considering we are all here for the same reasons. :)
You should wait AT LEAST until the plants exhibit alternating nodes, which indicates sexual maturity. This occurs at 4--6 weeks usually (from seed. Clones from mature donors can be flowered at anytime).

Flowering done before that will severly compromise yield.
I've seen people try to flower small 2 week old plants and the plants died--they simply did not have enough stored energy to complete flowering.

A lot of beginners are unaware that pot plants usually more than double in height during the first 3 weeks of flowering. Often they run out of vertical space and must bend the plants over.

I prefer to flower my indoor plants at 15". They finish at around 3'.
Remember the further away from the light a budsite is, the smaller and weaker it will be. That's why most experienced growers keep their plants relatively short.

My first indoor crop (after a disasterous experience with a phototron) I made that mistake and let the plants get 4' tall before flowering. I had to raise the light all the way to the ceiling AND bend them over. And while the buds closest to the light were quite nice, the lower ones weren't.

Sp be aware of these factors and of course height restrictions of your growspace.
I totally agree with GG. Alternating nodes is a must. If you are not sure what that means. Here is a quick explanation. The first pr. of branches is side by side.
Alternating is like have one of your arms right where it is and the other coming out of your rib-cage.
I start training (tieing and bending) early when it gets about 8"-10". I can keep a 2' tall plant @ about 10-12" plant ht. but the main stem is bent all over the place. the other bud sites (branches) are even with the top of the plant. That way light is directed all over the plant and not just the top of it.

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