From the ashes to a new horizon

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Bean and gone
Jun 20, 2011
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Hi all,
I feel a strange kind of freedom having been purged of all the distractions. The kind of relief only a free man can feel.

Ok, back to the business of the day and trying to help people and make people smile.

I wont go over old ground but those of you who have guess, you are right. Some kind words were spoken and to those who shared them they were read and felt and even in my current daze, the humility I feel is genuine.

You see, THE MAN can never destroy the human spirit and fighting an injustice is like trying to put out a fire that can never die.

I don't grow but have scraps of knowledge and no little intelegence so I will do what I can to help out anyone in their quest for safe, reliable trustworthy and natural medication, free from organised crime and scumbags in general.

Peace brothers and sisters. W
:aok:.. that's the spirit right there!!
Good to see you rise again. Stay safe. Stay free.
Yeah buddy......welcome (back) to MP. Good to see you W.
glad to see you back so soon, and from reading your post it sounds like your mind-set it right where it needs to be!
WoodyP! Thanks for your attitude and getting back here. You were missed.
old habits die hard!!!
peace welcome home wood....[j]
Thanks one and all.
Its just so nice here lol. Like that nice place you went on hioliday and always wanted to go back to, well here I am!

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