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Apr 4, 2005
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Thought it would be nice to get to know everyone, thought I do it well having a little fun so...

Where are you from? "State or territory"

Male or Female?

Favorite food

Hobby besides growing or smoking

Favorite Marijuana?

1: Florida
2: M
3: Seafood including Sushi and Crawfish
4: Enjoy Football and UFC "Ultimate Fighting Championship" and working in the yard.
5: Never tried it but I would like to get some bud or seeds from a plant that when smoked it has no Anxity feeling and gives me an energetic high. I have seen seeds for sale but $350. is out of my price range and you sure can't find that kind of bud from my dealer :(
Hello Green Rabbit. I am Goldie, female, from the US midwest. I like to read, surf the web, and garden. And I love anything chocolate - lol.
hy GB, i'm BW, i'm a man, 20 years old, i'm from Belgium, my favorite food is italian food, i like working on my pc, music, powertraining, snowboarding and hallucinogenic plants and my favorite MJ-strains are : White Widow, Snow White, White Rose and Angeldust.

hy, i'm from Lithuania, male 19years old and i am student. also i like go in for muaythai.
i noticed that it is nice forum and i think that it will help me about growing my herb.
and i difavour all chemical drugs.
Hello and welcome, 4good! Yes, this is a nice place. And we can help you with your growing - if you have started, post a thread! Thanks. :)
1Northern Illinois
3Hmmm...Fishsticks....Or chinese food.
4I watch anime in my spare time. That's why I started growing so I could spend more money on Anime instead of weed.
5Blue haze....That stuffs the shit.
welcome amerowolf, i like chinese food too. Chinese food is very good, yesyes. Anime and manga is awesome, i really like Ghost in the Shell, Kenshin and Trigun. Nice strain you've chosen, you know what's good.

Hello, Ame. The Blue Haze - what source?
By source you mean?

I like all those animes too BW.
male 19 cincinnati ohio Ill have to go with chinese food umm my hobbies beside growing would have to be getting high and working im a carpenter for middle earth its like a rehab on old warhouses that we make into lofts nice ******* apartments downtown with a city view 300,000 is the cheapist one you can buy my favorite strain that I have smoked would be what my friend called white widow but who knows he didnt grow it himself so someone just slaped a name on it it was real good though
Great thread!

Here's mine:

Male, from Holland just a little south of Rotterdam. I like lots of things actually. Play bass guitar (in a band), wind surfing, wave surfing, snowboarding, mountain biking, travel the world, yoga, qi gong, feeding ducks, party with friends, enjoy the weather and lots more ...

Favourite strain to smoke is thai or mixed with polm. Strain to grow is Purple power (for the color), Northern Light (for the smell), White Widow (forthe THC glands, crystals)

Thanks guys.

Would it be a nice idea to get a seperate forum for this, introduce yourself?
Goldie said:
What seedbank? Thanks.

Sorry, but I don't know. My friend sells me weed or just gives it to me. He just tells me the names.
MarP: "Would it be a nice idea to get a seperate forum for this, introduce yourself?"

Yes, that would be great - "the coffee table" - or something - lol :)
that would be cool Coffee Table.........I like it
Ok, good idea. But what would be the difference between the coffee table and the smoking lounge?
thats what I was just thinking instead of the smoking lounge make it the coffee table or sumthing
Ok, I can change the name, if you guys like that better. NP
Hello, i was just passing through and was taken with the nice site, so i registered. I've been growing indoor for 10 years now, still enjoy the unique characteristics of different types.
This site has a new smell to it, am i correct?
Hello, Taniwha. Yes, it is new - come on in and you can be a founding member. :)

We are having an exciting time here, watching it grow. And the adm. is GREAT! ;)

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