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Happy n healthy. Growing pretty good now. Once the stems pointed out below hit the mark I'll flip.
It's kinda difficult to figure when to flip. With just one plant in there it takes a lil more time. I try to step back and imagine the plant double of what it is right now. I'm not super concerned with filling the screen totally. If it does it does. That screen is just a tool to control growth. However, I do want to try and get the most from this plant so I'll veg as long as possible. Which from the looks of it won't be long. But I won't catch that mid month window I wanted. Oh well, I'm in no hurry. She looks like a bad hair day right now but by flower this is gonna look amazing...let's

Tweak note....find another center post. That thing is just an eyesore. Yeah it'll disappear soon but I gotta find a nice small diameter dowel or rod. That 2x2 blocks light.
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Another thing I did is dim my veg light a bit. After my first run with the LEDs I got way to close with way to much power.

Noticed the new girls getting some crinkle leaf on the first set. So, I eased off and today they look as though they appreciated that.

I'd forgotten I had the lamp set for those revegging clones. Lil to much for the youngsters. Oops...but glad I saw it early.
Well, I think it's finally gonna happen. These clones were taken 4/29. I'm finally seeing some good signs of starting back into veg stage.

Durban Poison. That one single green leaf pushing out has very little trichomes on it. That's my new growth Ive been waiting for.

The Tangie is showing good signs as well. I see a lot of green growth coming forward. Good stuff.

I'm definitely not going to make a habit of taking clones that late in flower. I did a last minute change and wanted to save the plants for one more round. It wasnt a bad decision. Just one that kinda slowed everything down is all.
Never seen clones done that last e in flower. Interesting.
I'd not suggest it but it does work. I'll stick with taking them @21 days. Works much faster with great results.
The c99 above is a 21 day clone and she's That DP should do well under that screen but it's gonna be a while. I have over two months to go before the scrog is open. I'm hoping it doesn't get to outta hand by then...maybe I'm just fooling It'll be a bushy mess but I'll make it work.
Seems like it's taking forever but she's growing pretty good for veg stage. Maybe another week.

Cleaning out under the canopy has been a steady once a week thing. More growth tries to emerge each week. This is what I start with. It's not much anymore but them little ones try to sneak in there. I'll remove all that I believe will not reach the screen or contribute much to the grow.
Thanks mate, it's been about 6weeks for them to reach this point. If I stood this plant up it would be about 2' high. Looks a lot smaller spread out under the screen.

The length of veg time for a scrog depends on how far you place the screen above the medium. A high screen will veg longer of course where less height will fill the screen faster. Also depends how many plants your running. Multiple plants ya flip pretty quickly. Two or more plants can fill up a space in no time.

Letting them grow natural is great too. Nature will do it's thing without us removing tops or twisting and cavorting a plant into
So I been looking at the calendar. If this scrog is flipped now it'll be early Sept before I harvest. Just in time to start the Christmas crop into flower. I'll be working on that soon.

I'd planned on another week but Friday looks good. With the branching these throw out I'm pretty sure I can fill the majority of if not all of the screen. So Friday will be a two gallon feeding of jacks bloom and throw her into flower. I'm struggling with this heat wave. Temps up to 85 in there today. Tops read 80. Good for now but I don't want that any higher.
My AC is struggling.
10days above ground and I'm pleased. The vigor of these plants is pretty good. They obviously love the Jack's.

One of the Strawberry Banana plants is growing that funky way I don't really care for. I know it's not light intensity. I'm hoping this cripple looking thing pops out of it. The other one looks just fine and on track at 1week.

Okay so this Strawberry Banana plant doesn't look to good. I see more funky growth coming. I'm loosing faith in that one so I soaked another seed last night. Even if this thing starts to pop out of it I'll trash it. I only need 2 SB. Preferably one that grows properly
First leaf appearing on the Tangie flowering clone. Surprised me the other day with a burst of growth. Not the leaf id expected. This is a little serrated. Not the typical smooth leaf.

I'm also seeing some new growth just above. I'll up pot this one to 1.5 gal soon.

The Durban Poison is further along but slow as hell. You can see it's starting to unfold. I expect something to poke outta that soon.

Still a long way to go with these. Going to be Sept before these flower again. Gonna make some nice Xmas gifts. 1/2 each plant goes to my kids.

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