Got A Pot Plant For My B'Day, Need Help!.

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Mar 12, 2005
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hey guys i just got a pot plant and i can only keep it in my room next to the window bacause i dont want my room mate to find out, my room gets about 5-6hrs of sun-light a day,and i water it twice a day, that plant is about 1 meter tall and its got small buds, the problem is i dont wanna go buy lights for it coz its a one off thing, so what can i do to keep this plant alive and have good size buds? :confused:
Um.... hrm. Good question. If it has to stay in a window with no lights I'd have to say Keep the window open, The glass will soak up alot of the UV rays that the plant uses to grow. And um, take the screen out, just for a bit more. I hope nobody can see this window. Growin in a window is just to risky for me. Hopfully someone will have some better info for ya.
Good luck.
don't give 2 times water a day, is way to much, once each day is more than enough. Growing behind a window is difficult but it's not impossible, as long as you take good care of it and give it good nutes, it shouldn't be a problem, but you're roommate will be a problem. the smell will get heavier within a couple of weeks.

Go to raido shack and get a 10x lighted hand-held microscope. They are only 9 bucks.

Take a look at the trichomes on the buds. When they turn clowdy is when I harvest. Because I like a more of a mind high. They will get more amber in color as they get more mature. When half of them are amber it's time to cut for more of a body stone.

Good luck.
how do you no its lil buds it might be male balls hahaha
well i was told that it was a female, whats the trichomes? , and i live in sydney so theres no woods around here, btw its getting cold these few days, will that affect the plant?
if you keep it inside , no, but the temp should be kept around 25°Celsius. The trichomes (THC = TetraHydroCannabinol) is that sticky stuff on your weed, those little crystals.


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