Hello everyone I got another silly question if you all don’t mind ,

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Jan 15, 2012
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Okay so this morning I went to check my tent and the RH inside the tent is 30 and the temp is 71 F my plant is in flower I believe and I touched the inside walls of the tent and they are wet I’m worried the bud is going to rot the buds and want to dry that tent up does anybody have an opioion on this I would be so disappointed to lose this grow . I have just opened the top flaps on the tent in hopes that the fan inside circulating, the air will push some moisture out .
I also got to mention that being it’s winter I chose to grow in a room that has no heat so the room it self is like in the 40-50s I’m guessing but it’s cold in there and the lights from the tent which are led keep the inside of the tent at the temp it is now
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a lot of tent growers here who will probably have the answer to your problem , a solution , maybe a final solution
I have not had this happen but moisture from the air condenses on cold surfaces(as I am sure you know). That is probably contributing to the low RH in your tent but in flower, 30% shouldn’t be a deal breaker. Moisture shouldn’t be condensing on the buds since they should be around the same temperature as the air(maybe a little less due to transpiration at the leaf surface). As long as the buds are not touching the inner surface of the tent and the roof isn’t dripping onto the buds, I don’t think you will get bud rot. There a couple of solutions to the condensation issue. Heat up the room the tent is in or insulate the outer surface of the tent. Insulation might be the cheaper option but would be a pain in the keister to wrap and unwrap the tent.
i get that kind of condensation every once in awhile , hot inside , cool out , those headlights do it for me every time….

You can't have warm spot in a cold room without getting condensation.


Heat the room around the tent some. Your plant will do just fine with low humidity and warm temperatures.

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