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Ranek Icewalker

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Jan 15, 2011
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Anyone looking for a 150w HPS? this place has a great deal.


Ive never shopped here, dunno anything about them, but if that price is correct, its worth a shot buying from em.
Wow--under $30. It comes with glass and is small--8 x 8 x 5. This would be great for a small closet.
Good deal but no power much do power cords go for?
If you just have to wire it, a cord shouldnt cost more than $5-10.
I cut power cords off every single electrical thing that dies. I always have a supply of power cords. Bit it is fairly inexpensive to buy wire and a socket end and wire up a cord yourself. Just make sure that you know the required gauge and use the correct wire.
Awesome deal....not awesome I just paid $77 for one
Does anyone have a picture of the light ?? None of the pictures are loading from that site for me with either IE or FF.

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