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May 24, 2009
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This is my little runt.It is such a funny looking thing.A buddy grew some "AK" recently and this is from seed from his plant.I have 4 or 5 of these going and they all look and grow differently.I'm thinking the seeds didn't fully mature or something.What are your thoughts?As long as it'is green I'll keep lovin' it.

april28 012.JPG

april28 013.JPG

april28 014.JPG

april28 015.JPG
Crap, I was just reading what the problem is with cabbage looking weed but i forgot what it said and were to find it.... ill search for it.
I have had a few that look like that shouldn't be a problem just keep a good watch
I just don't know what to think of this one.She seems to be doing good,but is completely different than her sisters.The first pic was about 2 weeks ago.2nd pic was today and yes those are the same kind of plants,sisters from the same seed source,talk about different phenos.

sexy 030.JPG

Not sure how much she will give me but she is such a good healthy looking plant.Here she is in the sun with her sisters.

May Garden 010.JPG
my 2 cents..... looks like something is holding her back.. dont know if its nutes or soil but she is def runt... or just not a really good bean. thats why growers grow out the whole bag then start thinning out the ones that arent growing to optimum conditions kinda like whats goin on here with yours.. hopefully you get smoke from her and its the best one you ever had. safe growing
Doja,I don't think the seeds were mature or seasoned.I'm not expecting much from her.Mainly just growing it to see what happens.She is only about 14 inches tall but her stem is as thick as my 4 footers.
She is an awesome looking plant imo, keep us updated if possible.
Thanks dman.Hammy,she appears to be leafy because she is so compact.She is putting out more hairs than leaves as she flowers.Weedhopper,those look mighty good also.
Really weird looking, like some kinda mutant reveg thing, I hope it yeilds well for you.
looks sorta' like some that I've had 'not' fully reveg, but made a gallant effort.





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