Growing a mother plant and lighting HELP!

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Apr 4, 2005
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I planted a seed a few eeks ao in some potting soil and just stuck it outside to see what happened and now i have a 1/2 sprout that is growing by the minute. I want to use this as a mother plant to take clones from. I have seen these grown under a shop light. I have a 4 foot shop light with two T12 40W flourescent bulbs. I want to place the sprout in a larger pot soon and put it on a germination tray with a lid to grow the mother plant. With regular watering do yall think that this will grow a healthy plant if so about how long until i can cut clones and if not what do i need to fix. Also how long do i leave the lights on for. If anyone can help with any of this i would appreciate it.
You dont want to cut clones till it's mature. That will happen in about 6 to 8 weeks. When you start seeing preflowers or the leaves start alternating you will know it is mature. The shop light will work for keeping a mother plant alive. just keep it close. Put a light fan on it, like a computer fan, to strengthen the stem. Seedlings dont need a dome or a cover. Just pout it under the light. You will need a dome for the clones. Take care of it and it will take care of you.
Good deal, about how long should the light stay on per day?

thanks for the advice
what do you cut to make the clones, and branches? i heard the top ones you need to cut also after i cut them i was thinking of using this roots shit i got then sticking them into dirt, is that correct? :D

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