Growing From Seed

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Apr 1, 2005
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ok im starting my growing today and every week or so i will keep you all updated with my methods for different plants and area and care for them that i think work best-------- today i started germnation i used about 100 seeds all from killer bud put them in a washcloth with warm water keeping a uv light on them 12/12 until i see sprouts then im proble gonna change to 14/10
Don't keep a light on them, you want them in the dark for gemination. Also, you don't want to go 14/10, that's too close to 12/12, and that could triger them to flwer. Once they sprout you should have them on at least 18/6, but 24 is better at first, as it helps to promote female growth from seed.

Keep us posted with some pics. Also, try to include your feeding schedule if you can.
i want them to flower quickly so that i have a small plant with tons of buds
You need at least 1 week of veg before you can get good bud. If you want to keep it small, just trim it, and train it to grow how you want.
now do i cut off the top set of leaves when i trim it? if so its the only set will my plant die? because the lower sets of leaves died
notthecops said:
Can you get a pic of that plant? So you have no other sets of leaves?
i dont know how to get pics on here maybe if you tell me
ok DAY 2: tons of sprouts from germination im gonna leave them in the germination steup that i have for another day though to see how many are sprouted on day 3

day 3: alot of the seeds have sprouted more than half of them are a half inch or more i have just put them in holes in the lid part of an empty blank cd lid i think this will do good until they grow out of the soil. i have about 30-40 seeds in 4 different lids. after they sprout from the soil about 2-3 inches im gonna give them their training bras and move them to a certain spot i have back in the woods by my house

where did i get the soil from--- a compost pile in my back yard
lighting----- uv lamp+ 60 watt book reading lamp
temp--- 60-65 degrees farenheit
any other questions just ask
To post pics. Click on 'reply' then scroll down to where it says 'manage attachments' click that, and add any pictures you want, then click 'close window', and submit your reply.
okay well day 4 is greater than i expected i was thinking maybe 4 out of 30 sprouts would pop up out of the soil and 29 of 30 are up i needed to help some of the sprouts out of the shell but i think they are doing fairly good hopefully i can get some pictures up tonight maybe later though so check back. this is only the first set of 30 i still have 4 more in different methods of sprouting and 1 more set in germination im gonna plant those tonight too
:) You are going to have a rainforest there, man - and tons of buds! :)
Not bad, so far I had 16 out of 20 pop open so far. If the other 4 do not pop by morning I will have a little snack tomorrow when I get up.

I put mine in a zip lock bag wrapped in a wet towel; I place it on the top of my monitor where the heat comes out for 30 mins to an hour at a time. All that warm heat pops them pretty good.
I put mine in soil underneath the kitchen counter, under a light. The light kept them warm enough to germinate.
BAD NEWS BAD NEWS i have the 6th set in germination except i dont have enough room for them in my house i dont have any more containers for them should i plant them outside? or make some hydro?
i keep mine in between 2 wash cloths in a dinner plate
mikey said:
BAD NEWS BAD NEWS i have the 6th set in germination except i dont have enough room for them in my house i dont have any more containers for them should i plant them outside? or make some hydro?

Keep them if you can, in a week or 2 well they are still in small pots take the weakest "smallest ones" and plant them outside if you want and can take care of them without getting caught, other wise get rid of them.
day 5 i took the final set outta germination and threw them in my backyard my plants are atleast 2 inches now they are growing really fast and i dont kno why but im not questioning it. the set i took out of germination are very small just sprouting out of their shells i have roughly 100 plants now so yay for me
You`d better start digging - you are going to need at least half an acre for those.
i have a rather large area for my plants so everything is set i threw the seeds that i didnt have room for in my backyard that was like 20 so i really dont care if they grow or not
i movd the plants from the trays that i had into cups
i unfortunatly lost 2 plants while uprooting but while i was doing so i noticed that the plants so far are extremely healthy can you tell this soon which ones are males and females?

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