growing regular old tobacco

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Apr 18, 2008
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At prices pushing $7/pack, on a whim I bought and started about 100 plants. A farmer/neighbor was good enough to disk in my patch (sandy soil--but it served on and off as a horse pasture/grass lands).

I should have had this whole thing planned out last year already. I just got the seeds sprouted, and figure MINIMUM 1 more week before transplanting.

Since I don't know the first thing about strains, I got a "variety pack" for full-flavored cigs. I think there are 4 strains in it.

So here are my concerns--the seeds were started way too late--I'm hoping to make up some time under 400W HPS 18 hours a day. I know some varieties are ready in 45-60 days, some up to 120. IF everything goes perfectly, and we get a standard frost date, I should have time to get a crop in.

Anyone with any experience in this kind of thing? I posted it in the gardening section at the end, but I'm afraid nobody will read it, so sorry if this is the wrong section.
old member by the name of "Alienbait" has a thread in here somewhere :)
Hey thanks Mutt! I'll see if I can search it up. Should be an interesting project. Off to a little rough start, but hopefully I can recover.
John, shoot a pm off to Grubbycup Stash. He's also growing some tobacco this year. He may not see this thread, as he has been super busy lately. But I'm sure he'd love to talk to you and swap ideas on growing regular tobacco. Good luck!!!!

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