My new perpetual grow

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Wow, Roster, I missed some action while I was gone. Yes, I'm with Pute, how are they looking today? Do you wash your harvests? When I got WPM is when I started.
They look fine and are filling out nicely.
From what I have read and having used Greencure weekly on outdoor grows to avoid PM , I don't think it needs washing. I was thinking having only applied 2 apps (which were half of rec/dose ) PM gone next day,
Now at 4 days no return. Im good.
I read where using Greencure will make my buds tatse like soap but I dont see how , No soap was used just Potassium Bicarb, and water
I felt like that until I did it, lol. I was shocked at the different colors and stuff in the water. Actually, that harvest started me washing all my harvests. I also kinda feel it's the best start to a good dry and cure.

Speaking of cure, I hate my latest harvest here in the RV. It is so rough to smoke. It was way too dry and way, way too hot when our generator died and we didn't have solar up completely so I couldn't use ink birds and all the fixings to keep my environment stable and correct. Ugh, oh well, at least we have medicine!
I thought so too, but I found it actually prepares for no mold or mildew, the hydrogen peroxide used kills every spore (and pests if you have any hiding). So as long as your environment is clear, your dry and cure should have a good head start on fighting any mold or mildew that could start to spread and grow.

The flavors really come out after a wash also.
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Lots to do in the veg today. The cleaning is done and next is planting clones. I checked them this morning and there are plenty of roots popping through the bottom of the rw cubes. 100% on this batch. Enough Strawberry OG to fill the flower room in a few weeks.

My seedlings are kind of stretchy need to go into taller containers.
The big challenge is figuring out where I can move the 400w and larger plants so I can pIt a T-5 and the babies back in the closet.


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I moved a Strawberry OG to the floor room 10 days ago and it has almost tripled in size already. I sure hope the stretch is about done.
I need to get into the flower room right after lights out and shoot some new pix. The Lemon Haze is in the home stretch now. I’m figuring 2 weeks for them. They’ve become very top heavy and I’ve had to stake them all.

The C99 continues to impress me. It came so close to being culled due to it’s small, spindly stature but now it’s probably the biggest Cindy I’ve grown so far.

After taking a lot of cuts off Casey Jones and Strawberry OG there wasn’t a lot left of them. I flip flopped for a couple days before I decided to go ahead and put them in the flower room and it was only because I had plenty of room left. The Strawberry OG is now up to mid chest and has a nice amount of bud sites. The CJ is the biggest surprise, it’s bushed out beautifully and is going to be a decent producer.

Looks like I’ll be harvesting every 2-3 weeks for the foreseeable future. I’d like to get to where 3 plants every 3 weeks are harvested and replaced.

New pix coming soon.
Day off!


cant you make some hash today , maybe start pre-trimming the bigger fan leaves , check on your clones?.....geeze man , an idle mind is the devils workshop and we cannot support that!.....

take that

Rocky , yer grow is looking good and sounds like you are not a slacker , you are always busy and that keeps the devil away
Good luck Rocky. Only problem with a perpetual grow is it seems like you are always trimming....I will be back at it with two Strawberry OG's tomorrow. Not today though. It's my DAY OFF......
Take Tuesday off and meet me at 11 Mile Reservoir. I’m looking for a lunker. It was 2 years ago this week that I caught the 6 lb 12 Oz Cutbow.
I’ve identified 3 phenos in the LH. There’s the Lemon Pledge smell on one, another is more of a spicy, pungent lemon and one that is very skunky with just a hint of lemon. Since I still haven’t received more seeds from Loran I’ll be forced to reveg a couple of these.

the odoor is getting quite strong now. Not only does the laundry room reek but the smell is starting to rise up the basement stairs lol.
I’m getting ready to sample some ‘shrooms from my daughters bf and tomorrow I leave for elk camp. Trying to decide if I need more of these zoomers for camp.

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