Guerilla growth

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Johnny Trip

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May 11, 2011
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Dense forest : Hard to be found, hard to be reached by me, less light, better chances to survive a storm.
Open forest: Good light, easy to spot, easy to reach, bigger chances to be trashed up.
Any advices?
the question on what choice?
open for sure.
they may not make it. but if they do, they'll actually be worth harvesting. unlike one planted in dense forrest that doesn't get much light, and will be pretty scraggly i'd bet.

maybe try and get it on the perimeter of the open forrest, might give you some camouflage yet still produce.

good luck
Try finding a mixture. Cut timber and briar patches work wonders. Both provide cover with space above for light to get in.
Well, one plant getting 8-10 hours of direct sunlight will out produce its counterpart getting say 1-2 hours of direct sunlight by at least 10X, so the math is really simple.
I found some good places that are full of 1m grass and plants and my girls are barely seedlings, how much should I w8 till i plant them in that spots and how much should I clear the bushes around 'em when I plant 'em?
you can put them out right now, i usually make sure there is nothing hanging directly over the plants. i would suggest clearing around the dripline of the plant, gives a good balance of light and camo.
Thickets that one may find out on the backroads of farm areas will work but you have to make sure you keep it well hidden too. Alot of large corn fields in my area also are right by forest line and have thicket areas with just brush bush and tall grass. Scope these areas for a season however if your going to put out an expensive baby, just to see if they ever trim it down or if people drive into it having a fun time, or if their are alot of footpaths in it. Make sure not to go to your grow very often if only a few times to put some nutes down. When you walk to it take a different path than the last time so you dont wear your own path right to your plant for people to follow to it. The point is to find a spot with no overcast but very high foliage.

As for getting it outside you dont want to just drop it off one day and not come back for awhile. If you can start it outdoors somewhere close to you where you can raise it at least a few weeks and make sure its good and ready to be left alone for awhile (teenagers I tell ya :ignore: ) lol. THen get it outside into the ground, not in a pot, if your going to let mother nature foot the light bill then at least let her do it to the fullest potential. Good Luck!
Find a big briar patch, hack in a path, make a clearing in the center. Only 1 path in...take different paths to get to the only entrance.

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