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May 26, 2011
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Just got my seeds in yesterday.
AK-48 (10 seeds)
Blue Mystic Feminized (5 seeds)
Blue Mystic (10 seeds)
Bubblelicious (20 seeds)
Happy Customer here and amazed at the awesome stealth shipping. 11 days to arrive here in Canada
Once I get my grow op hidden enough from the rants I'll be documenting the whole grow. It was supposed to go into my old computer case which my parents decided to throw out... It had all my damn equipment in it as well so time to go shopping.
I bought the Ak- 48's also. All ten germed. First 4 germed and only got 1 female Have three goin right now and my 1 female Jury is still out on the female to male ratio on the rest. One died as a baby. Gave 2 to a buddy. I hope you have good luck with them.
I remember trying to grow in my parents house as a teenager and every time my plants ended up in the trash. I recomend waiting till you get your own place my man. They could end up in trouble or jail or lose the house because you are growing 45 plants in their house.
And watch out for hermies. Nirvana is notorious for hermies lately.
and males,,,,, i got 5 fem pack northern lights 2 dud 2 male 1fem///im staying clear of nirvanas fem and auto beans .peace ..///[j]

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