Ganjier's new chapter

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Hi everyone. So since this is my new chapter let's keep it real! Put in a 20x4 raised bed in with 50/50 top soil, compost. Added blood and bone meal and a thick layer if black cow. 17 days in and I couldn't stand to see if I was drowning these elephant garlic seeds with a daily watering. Looking good so far! I will harvest each bulb and replant each clove for years. Then the plan is to get rich and act like I don't know nobody. 🤣🤣🤣
Ivan will probably get to the garlic the very first day before he starts thinking about the cat. It’s on you to keep that cat locked up…I found a sawbuck the other day, so game on…😉
I was thinking about putting a raised bed in the back yard and then came to my senses and realized that the youngest dog would have that dug up the 1st day and the older one would be digging a hole to lay in.
That’s what I’m starting to see around here. Ivan will dig a spot to get the cool earth and I find Dutch laying in that spot after it’s been dug…
I have quarter sticks that will lift a refrigerator but no gopher tortises...they be endangered...
Starting week 3 of Flower. Girl Crush wants to show color. Even through veg. Not too keen on the structure. Hopefully she will shine at a later date. The Snocaine and Strawberry Sugar are showing strong. The room smells like strawberries when I open the door and I only have 1 of the Strawberry Sugar. Glad I cut clones of each plant. 100% clone success rate even though the environment was not ideal. Tough little boogers. I am feeding 1500 ppm with added calmag, big bud and a heap of other additives. It won't be one for the record books but looking forward to a decent harvest.

I have quarter sticks that will lift a refrigerator but no gopher tortises...they be endangered...
if you were using quarter sticks Brother ,me thinks more dead than endangered....

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