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I don't get it. Snocaine on bottom and top. The one on bottom looks like I never fed here, one on top lush green. I will not feed my plants separately. 1500 ppm. She hungry!!!!!
I am happy to announce my latest purchase of seeds from Elev8. I have never had any complaints from the genetics coming from this company.
NO I am not affiliated or paid to promote them. I just fking love them!

This Sour Cherry Candy seems very interesting to me!

sour cherry candy.jpg
When I first came to this forum I looked around for arguments, and when I found none I knew there was a fair amount of censorship. I didn't care because I was only looking for grow advice. I got that advice, and stuck around because of all the good and generous people I met here. With respect, let me try to return the favor.

I am active (post at least once a week) on over 70 forums, and I've been active on forums since before there was an internet. In my experience, the posts most admins would censor are the posts that attract the largest audience. I think some very good people are no longer here over this very issue. I wouldn't leave over it, but you know, good people are why I'm here.
Been busy but when I see fighting in the open forum I will address it and remove it. We have PMs that that shit can be handled on privately or you can hit the ignore button and the person getting on your nerves disappears.
The Passion has been around along time. We aren't perfect nor is any other forum but we have a lot of good members here.
Ppl come and ppl go. I've been here 15yrs. We try and be fair and keep the peace and abide by the rules the best we can. Again we aren't perfect and this job can be a pain in the ass sometimes but I do it anyway and will continue to do the best I can to be fair.
Believe me,,I have a Fking job with all the stress I need.
Hope everyone has a great day.

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