Harvesting Heavenly Hash

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Sep 19, 2005
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Day 49. I'm harvesting the first of the two plants today, the second (larger) plant will probably be another 2-6 weeks. The trichs on the first plant are completely cloudy, and I know that originally I said I was gonna harvest at half amber half cloudy, I just can't wait anymore. :D

Now that the trichs are nice and cloudy I don't need to worry about reducing the yield/quality. For the second plant I'll let the trichs get about half/half before harvesting and then I'll be able to compare and see which I like better.

PS I'll post a full report on the quality of the smoke ASAP (given time for proper drying/curing of course) So far I gotta admit that I greedily tested a couple lower nugs that I flash dried in front of the fire place, I expected it to taste like shit, but man, I was frickin stoned and it still tasted good even after a flash dry! I can't wait to see how it smokes after a proper dry/cure.. :D




Man oh Man! Awesome lookin bud man.

Lookin good, lookin good, lookin good.
Insane that looks grrrrrreat :eek: i can almost smell them buds through the computer screen :D grrrrrrrrrrreat job. :)

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