Has anyone used a MV for VEG

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yogi dc

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Mar 5, 2006
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What are some of the problems that could happen if MV was used in VEG if any?
Dose anyone use a mix of HPS and CFL during flowering?
Lots of people use florous and HPS. if positioned right. but really it is only used if the grow area is large and want to catch some shaded spots. (check out skunks "felony grow" pics. He is using a mix in his flower area. but other wise you may have started a heated debate. :D . but hey nothing like a good debate.

Mercury Vapor??? HPS or MH. Florous if a small grow. the only way to go dude. Considering you can a 150w HPS Flood with bulb for 35 bucks.
thanks mutt . but i got my inspiration for that from weeddog. however yogi you can use mv but you will have a lot of problems and slow growth during both stages.veg/flower. i have a distant friend i ran into the otherday (you know the ones you just say whats up to in school and that all ) anyways another buddy of mine had me to take him to his house for money he owed . well we got talking a lil and i noticed a small metal vent on the front of his outbuilding . and i bluntly asked him how is your marijuana doing in there . he said all no i used to try to grow in there but never could get an ounce out of it to be worth my electric bill. so we got into discusion about it everything he used was correct even down to high number p for flowering. then i asked what type light you using . he said i got 1 of those fancy mv at home depot pushing out 150 watts . i couldnt do anything but laugh to myself . i dont trust him to say anything about my grow . but i did however tell him there your problem buddy . well hope that helps some .
Reason why I said heated debate skunk, was in another thread, a bunch of em got into using florous with HID. never got resolved. I think if you got a shaded area what can it hurt. More light=more buds right?? IMHO.
i would say the more lumens per square foot the more dense your buds will be . as long as its the right spectrum . i get buds in all the wrong places too with no light from all the bushyness however they are not so called prime dense buds . but have seen a big difference with the cf under the back side compared to underneath the front side that was also neglected from light for a period of time .
ps i would also like to add is there are no resin glands swollen on the front as they are in the back with light.
i have also heard that the problem with the MV lights is that the spectrum is not good for MJ;however, the MV dose offer more lumens per foot then MH according to the BOX i looked at Home depot. Anyway i would not use it, just wanted to see if anyone has tried. i do believe that CFL under the plant would help. the tops are becoming light blockers. I am in the 6th week of flowering. I started out with 7 plants and six where males that sucked big time however , i could have not keep them all any way not enough space. thanks for the info guys.
no i never used it and i dont recomend it,if you get bud ,if all,you may not even reach that stage,but if you do,be lucky if you get a quarter,maybe more,like mutt said ,floresent,mh,hps im using 2 floresents and 1000 watt hps

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