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anybody hve a good resept for making hash without buying special kits. :)
Ooh, I believe NTC is the man to see about that...;)
What do you got? Bud or leaf or both? If it's leaf, is it dry yet. Fill me in bro.

Want a kit? REEEEEEEEEAL CHEAP!!!! I got a few extras laying around in the basement. hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Maybe a contest for it....................................... That'd get this place boomin'!!!
Ok then.........I WILL!!!!!
Give me some time to come up with an idea for it!
I'm gonna make you guys work for it!!!!:p
It's a 3 bag Ice water hash kit. All you'll need is a 5 gallon pail, a hand mixer (like for cooking) and allot of ice (and some leaf of course). The kit is slightly used, but in good condition, and safe for shipping. (it's been cleaned) Here's the end result:
This is 2 OZ of bubble hash

Well, now, I sure would like to have one of those! ;)
looks good. can will you describe the set up with a bucket and bags? i meen the process and set up. right know i don't have anything but i want to prepare for next crop.
i got a pile of leaves from my latest harvest. leaves are crispy. need instructions. have bucket, ice, and beater... :)
I'll give you a FULL set of instructions tomorrow. I'm too tired to ype anything esle. This is my last post for the night! lol

Good night!!

OH, one thing, freeze that leaf, and it's better if it's not dry, but dry works good.
Come on.....someone's gotta give me an idea for a contest, I'm not good at that kind of thing. PM me, and we'll get the thing going!!!!
PM! PM! LOL Did you clear it with MarP?

I am thinking seeds would be good - everybody can use seeds...

The contest? Hmmm...50 posts minimum and the best budshot?
No Goldie, I'm talking about the contest I promissed for the Bubble bags. But seeds will come after that, as long as MarP has no objections, which I'm sure he won't.;)
No, it's a good idea to have contests.

Maybe a contest forum would be nice.
Alright. :) Lets take this over to the coffee table. ;)

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