Hazy situation.

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This is just a general question about some after effects of smoking. I've been on a three year break from smoking and just picked it up again recently. During this time I smoked heavily for 4 days in a row. It's been about a week later, and I still find myself in what I call a 'dream phase'. I function normally, feel and act ok, but its like everything is in a haze. When I am at work for example, I can't even remember dealing with a customer who came in 5 minutes before. Basically what I am asking is if anyone else has been through this how long does the body and mind usually take to 'repair' itself and start functioning normaly?
That's realy funny you would say that. I had that feeling the other day. Example.
I was using one of the self check out lanes. I put my money in, it gave me change. I reached for my wallet to put the change away. And thought. Did I pay for this yet ? And I realy had to stop and think.... ok, Um.. look at the screen. Says WELCOME, Please scan your ******** card now and swipe your first item. So then I was like, shit, did I even scan them yet ? The screen was no help, if not more of a confusion. I looked at the bags already packed and I thought, I had to... so I looked at the guy standin next to me and he's lookin at me like... are you gona leave ??? On the way out I was counting the money in my wallet and I couldnt even remember how much I went in there with.

I was like that all day. Seemed I was disconected, but still there. I dont know. I dont think I noticed when it wore off cause I probably went home and got high... anyway, good luck dude. Maybe the resin needs time to drip off the top of your brain, and it coats your frontal lobe.

BTW: That's why they call it DOPE.
nothing for nothing take another break ,,peace

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