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Nov 20, 2005
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have an outdoor started female that has been under 2- 300w HPS for about 2 months, so we're getting close and all of a sudden this week the leaves are wilting and my hair has gone from white and vibrant to a light brown and not so vibrant. haven't changed what i'm doing, same soil, lights on timer, same water and cycle etc. feel like i'm
Dont worry budz! If you have had your plant on a 12/12 light cycle for 2 months, then this is just part of the finishing stage of your plant.

Because you speak of white hairs turning brown I assume your nearly finished flowering, in which case when about 50-70% of the white hairs turn brown its time chop her down and dry her out and start the during process.

Dont worry budz you arent losing, quite the opposite in fact from what I understand.

But let me make sure: You have had your lights on 12/12 for the last two months correct?

If yes, then dont worry everything thats happening is part of the life (and death!) of a normal pot plant!
Thank You....thought that all was lost! Just getting started on the indoor thing, started this outside and then brought inside. Time to enjoy the fruits of labor I guess!
Yep, thats what Ive done in the past as well. Started it outside and brought in inside, and from the last plant I did this with I harvested 3 sweet smoking ounces! Good luck, any more questions feel free to ask!

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