Hello all Braintree Ma here

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Sean Bray

Oct 13, 2023
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Think really messed up topping is there any hope for this glookie auto week 5 I cut two shoots with leaves first grow no excuses thanks in advance


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You still have more shoots? Any way you can take another picture from a little further back using natural light or you phone flash only? It is a little hard to see through the blurple and needing to have a better understanding of the entire plant structure as a whole. Thank You !!! Good Luck.. Almost nobody hits a homerun first time up to the grow plate. You gotta keep swinging though and eventually you will.
Topping Autos is to me a waste of time. Autos only have so long to grow and topping slows them down trying to heal. Autos are very easily stunted. But that's just my opinion and ya know what they say about opinions.😁
Carty is the Forum Auto expert. Maybe he will chime in.
Welcome to our group!
In life I dont even talk about autos when Im in the same room as them .
They get fatoots over nothing
All I do is lolipop ,defoliate ,spread out the canopy and remove what is not going to be more of a drain than something.
I did that with a mephisto 24 kt and is curing now .Will report how much it weighed when its right.

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