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Personally I am of the opinion changing other people posts is wack.........delete or let it be.
Causes trust issues down the road as you cannot know if the poster actually said it.
My semi worthless .025 centavos.
They know what they said and so do we. Our job is to clean it up and move on. We would rather clean up a few words and allow the thread to remain. Trust issues shouldn't be a problem if everyone learned from their mistake. WE TRUST that they won't do it again.
Never mind I found the boss

Al ,, why are you using Dolomite Lime when you seem to already know you can PH your feedings and check your runoff? And judging by your opening post,, looks like you have been doing this for a while. You seem to have plenty ferts to feed your plants and have been feeding for quite some time. Not sure what you want us to tell you. You're not saying you have any problems,, just telling us what you have been doing.
You have advanced nutrients micro, grow and bloom, crusteation meal,and bat guano to make tea.Also have on and of done foliar spray with epsom salts. Sounds like you have had it covered.
You said,, The bigger seedlings are 2 and a half weeks,and the smaller ones have the promix etc.. And the big plants are finishing.
Im confused.
What is wrong with your plants if you have some that are already finishing?
Is that the only light you have in that tent? And what is your light Schedule for those Autos?
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